The Healthcare Roundtable
What is a Roundtable?

A limited membership group of very high caliber, experienced healthcare executives who are geographically dispersed at non-competing, not-for-profit hospitals & health systems throughout the country.  These individuals are eager to share experiences, projects, management challenges, and visions of future trends and issues in order to instruct, improve, enlighten, and uplift one another. Roundtable Members form prime networking relationships that bring maximum value to their organizations throughout the year.
More About The Healthcare Roundtable...

The Roundtable is a terrific place to make lasting professional and personal friendships.  60-65% of each group has been meeting together for 5+ years, with new Members moving in all the time.  This solid nucleus guarantees continuity over time.  However, no group is static or stagnant because fresh ideas and new perspectives are a hallmark of The Healthcare Roundtable.

NEW CEO ROUNDTABLES! Launching on March 1- 3, 2017 at The Conrad, Miami, Florida. 
We are accepting Charter Members now. Click here for MORE INFORMATION.  

Upcoming Events

April 26--28, 2017
The Windsor Court Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana
May 3--5, 2017
The Gwen
Chicago, Illinois