The Healthcare Roundtable

Chief Financial Officers (CFO2)

The Meetings

The Members formally convene two times per year, spring and fall, for a two-day interactive session. Participants identify the issues they want to explore and the experts they want to hear from. A typical two-day Roundtable seminar will feature 3-5 speakers (outside speakers and/or Members themselves) making presentations on recent trends and innovative projects.

Issues may include topics such as:

  • How are organizations preparing for MACRA? Anyone assuming they will meet qualifications for advanced payment model?
  • Clinically Integrated Networks? An Alternative to mass employment of physicians?
  • Alternative Comp Models for Hospital Based Physicians: ED, Hospitalists, etc.? 
  • How are systems doing with Medicare ACO’s? – Successes? Challenges? Lessons learned? 
  • Revenue cycle management – Any great successes in new technologies or workflows? In particular, are there any activities that have improved collections, reduced cost to collect and increase patient/customer satisfaction?
  • Anyone using Kronos and Advantas’ Smart Square technology for scheduling and time keeping? Successes or challenges? 
  • Has anyone implemented Concur technology for travel and expense management for staff and physicians and for invoice workflow? 
  • We are hiring one of our Hospitalists Groups – what legal compensation systems have others implemented to off-set the losses for these in-house physicians? 
  • For other House Staff, are you all moving to employment models and away from subsidy arrangements? 
  • Physician Staffing – How many use outsourced physician staffing companies for ED, Hospitalists and anesthesia? If so, are you trying to “single source” or bundle multiple services from one provider? Do you have a performance metric for each specialty? Who appears to be the “best in class” for each service?
  • The participants also enjoy the cross-pollination of ideas during Open Discussion sessions. Members are encouraged to present the issues/problems they are currently facing so that fellow Members can advise one another as peer consultants. During these interactive discussions, Members share new innovations and projects-in-process using a "grand rounds" format.

    All Roundtable Meetings are skillfully facilitated to avoid wandering discussions and to promote productive dialogue and the efficient use of time spent "around the table." The "think tank" approach of the Roundtable provides a very high quality educational experience one cannot easily find elsewhere.

    The Roundtable Dues, Attendance and Guest Policy

    Tuitions at these meetings are covered by yearly membership dues. Meeting attendance must be a high priority. A Member is strongly encouraged to send an appropriate substitute in the event he or she is unable to attend a scheduled Roundtable Meeting.

    A Member may bring one guest to any Meeting, particularly an individual who is considering membership. Guest registrations are made in advance (at no additional charge)--limited to four total per Roundtable Meeting.

    In order to cover the costs of the semi-annual meetings, including speaker fees, appropriate research, and operating expenses, Members pay $2,995 for two consecutive meetings.

    Scheduled Meetings for The Healthcare Roundtable for Chief Financial Officers (CFO2)
    March 15--17, 2017
    InterContinental New Orleans
    New Orleans, LA

    October 11--13, 2017
     Scottsdale Resort at Montelucia
    Scottsdale, AZ



    “Roundtable membership has added tremendous value not only from a networking experience, but from a continuing education perspective.  Due to the high quality of our membership, we get keynote worthy speakers to attend and present on an assortment of timely topics.  Discussion by this smaller non-competitive (from a hospital competition perspective) roundtable always gives members more opportunities to get their own issues, questions and concerns to the floor!!!” 

    --Rick Sheerin, VP & CFO, Floyd Medical Center, Rome, GA

    " I feel that the networking and educational opportunities provided by my membership in the Healthcare Roundtable for CFO's is one of the best investment I make each year.  I look forward to getting together with my fellow CFO's during our semi-annual meetings and sharing experiences.  In addition, the ability to reach out to the membership throughout the year for questions on current issues we all face, is an extra bonus." 
    --Jim McNey, CFO/Vice President of Finance, North Kansas City Hospital, North Kansas City, MO

    "My participation as a member of CFO2 has been extremely useful.  It is

    an opportunity to hear about how CFOs are dealing with cutting edge
    issues.  Since those participating are not competitors, there is great
    freedom in our discussions which allows me to pick up many helpful
    ideas.  The membership fee is a bargain given the information that I
    obtain and the relationships I build."
    --Doug Long, Partner, Hall Render, Indianapolis, IN, Corporate Partner CFO2