The Healthcare Roundtable

Human Resources Executives

The Meetings

The Members formally convene two times per year, spring and fall, for a two-day interactive session. Participants identify the issues they want to explore and the experts they want to hear from. A typical two-day Roundtable seminar will feature 3-5 speakers (outside speakers and/or Members themselves) making presentations on recent trends and innovative projects.

Issues may include topics such as:

  • How are Members are addressing the escalating costs of employee healthcare?
  • We are looking to do some in-house chronic disease management (or management of some of our high dollar employees from a claims perspective) via our employee health department, and I would like to speak with any Member who has had success in that arena.
  • Recruitment/Retention: Continued gaps in the workforce pipeline and recruitment pool. Recruiting and retention of RNs; specifically critical care, physical therapists, respiratory therapists and pharmacy
  • Acquiring management talent
  • Talent Management/Leadership Development
  • Diversity: minority recruitment and retention.
  • Physician Recruitment; demand continues to grow.
  • How do other health care systems organize their compensation? Are there task forces with representatives from the hospitals? Executive & Director’s Compensation - what are others doing for incentives, bonuses, rewards?
  • Integrating disability management services with health management services, specifically using health care claims data to assist in disability management.
  • Convincing corporate leadership that there are ways to cut benefit costs without simply increasing employee premiums or reducing plan benefits.
  • Executive Compensation--communication of regulatory requirements. How we can assist our academic partners in influencing compensation for faculty? Until we do so, we will not be able to increase the number of key clinical graduates.
  • HR organizational structure: It appears that our decentralized processes, particularly in selection, are getting more difficult to maintain. The question is to centralize or not to centralize the hiring function?
  • Goal to develop "talent management" and "total rewards" initiatives. Local workforce is ill-equipped for our needed positions at the support position level. 
  • Employee engagement--employee satisfaction scores are good; next working on engagement. Turnover--Employee satisfaction scores are up, but turnover is not decreasing quickly.
  • Policies and practices involving Social Networking
  • Absence Management Initiatives - what are health systems doing to decrease absenteeism and administration of leaves? Suggestions for addressing ADA situations.
  • Establishing an effective Labor Management Process (including Productivity Measurements, Position Controls & Labor Coach)
  • Labor Relations/Union Negotiations: Continued labor strife.
The participants also enjoy the cross-pollination of ideas during Open Discussion sessions. Members are encouraged to present the issues/problems they are currently facing so that fellow Members can advise one another as peer consultants. During these interactive discussions, Members share new innovations and projects-in-process using a "grand rounds" format.

All Roundtable Meetings are skillfully facilitated to avoid wandering discussions and to promote productive dialogue and the efficient use of time spent "around the table." The "think tank" approach of the Roundtable provides a very high quality educational experience one cannot easily find elsewhere.

The Roundtable Dues, Attendance and Guest Policy
Tuitions at these meetings are covered by yearly membership dues. Meeting attendance must be a high priority. A Member is strongly encouraged to send an appropriate substitute in the event he or she is unable to attend a scheduled Roundtable Meeting.

A Member may bring one guest to any Meeting, particularly an individual who is considering membership. Guest registrations are made in advance (at no additional charge)--limited to four total per Roundtable Meeting.

In order to cover the costs of the semi-annual meetings, including speaker fees, appropriate research, and operating expenses, Members pay $2,995 for two consecutive meetings.

Scheduled Meetings of The Healthcare Roundtable for Executives in Human Resources
April 26 (eve.)--28, 2017
The Windsor Court Hotel
New Orleans, LA

September 20--22, 2017
Dates are confirmed.
Location to be determined.

“In the ever increasing complex and competitive healthcare world, the Roundtable provides an effective forum to candidly interact with peers who face many of the same challenges.  The face-to-face sessions provide just the right mix of relevant education with networking.  In addition, the online queries provide a way to quickly receive feedback on issues that surface or to identify best-practices that seem to be working.  This is one organization that consistently delivers value for my organization's  investment.
--THR/HR Member

“I have been a member of the Healthcare HR Roundtable for several years. It has become the most valuable professional group to which I belong. First, the meetings allow generous time for about 40 of my peers and me to dialogue issues that are timely and of particular concern to us. They allow better understanding and many times, best practices come from these discussions. We have either our own internal experts (members) speak, or we have outside experts speak on issues that we have identified to be of significant interest to us. The other aspect that is very helpful is any of us can send an email to Heidi, who in turn, sends it to all of us, asking how others might do something or if they know of someone who does it particularly well. This best practice sharing happens quickly, inexpensively, and allows for further followup with members of the group. The friendships come along as a bonus.” 
--THR/HR Member