Membership Policies


Membership in each Roundtable group is by personal invitation only and is limited to 45-50 executives from non-competing, not-for-profit organizations across the nation. Priority is given to individuals referred by existing Members and to executives from organizations already participating in Roundtable groups.

Pinch Hitters

Members may send an appropriate substitute (“Pinch Hitter”) in the event they are unable to attend. If a Member neither attends nor sends a “pinch hitter” to two consecutive Meetings (i.e. is a “no-show” for a period of one year), his or her Membership status will be up for review. This Member may forfeit their chair due to lack of participation. Our goal is to maintain a group of Members who consistently participate in the Meetings and mid-Meeting networking activities.

Guest Policy for Prospective Members

Early in our history, The Guest Policy was designed by Members seeking an opportunity to invite a friend or colleague from another organization to attend a Meeting, in hopes that this guest would enjoy the experience and subsequently join. The Guest Policy is based on personal invitation/referral only and is not "open to the public."

Guest Policy for Members' Colleagues

On occasion, a Roundtable Member may invite a colleague from his/her own organization to attend a given Roundtable Meeting as a Guest.  This is a courtesy offered by The Healthcare Roundtable.  No single Member will be permitted to monopolize this opportunity. This type of Guest invitation is intended as a one-time experience only.

There are four guest slots (total) per Meeting.  Guest reservations are made in advance through our office.  Guests are encouraged not to make travel arrangements until they are fully approved and registered via our office.

Excused Absences

Excused Absences are given only in the case of a) personal or family emergencies; b) flight cancellations due to severe weather conditions, acts of God and the like; c) a Joint Commission/CMS survey. Dues will not be deferred for absences caused by a) personal or business schedule conflicts; b) work related commitments, such as board retreats, union negotiations, or special hospital events. 

This policy was determined by the Membership with the intention to be gracious to those who have unforeseen difficulties while at the same time maintain the integrity of each Roundtable group. No exceptions, please.

Meeting Speakers

Expenses/honoraria will be paid only to those individuals requested to speak at Roundtable Meetings by consensus of the entire group. Members giving presentations who themselves choose to bring along a co-presenter should not expect that individual’s expenses to be paid by the Roundtable.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are transferable when necessary but are not refundable.

Membership Lists

Membership Lists should be used for interactive educational purposes only--networking, brainstorming and problem-solving. They are not to be used for commercial purposes or solicitation. 

Dress Code

The term “business casual” means that business suits, ties, heels, etc. are not required. For example, slacks and collared shirts are appropriate. “Resort casual” includes any comfortable clothing except swim attire.