The Vision

A limited membership group of very high caliber executives who lead non-competing geographically dispersed medical centers. Members meet to share their experiences, projects, management challenges, and visions of future trends in order to instruct, improve, and enlighten one another. They form prime networking relationships that bring maximum value to their organizations throughout the year.

The Members

This is a diversified group of leaders who bring experience, wisdom, and maturity to their networking and brainstorming sessions. As a group they consider today’s critical issues and challenges from a global, "big picture" perspective. The members emphasize hearing from top-notch industry experts from around the country. They consistently:

  • have a strong interest in and thirst for education and interactive learning about "cutting edge" topics. Members are eager to design their own learning experiences and participate in an actively functioning network.
  • are able to conceptualize about "big-picture" issues and future industry trends.
  • are willing to take risks with ideas that have merit. The Roundtable provides an environment for "groundbreakers" who wish to try new plans and ideas and seek support from other leaders who value their efforts and are committed to their success.

Continuing Education Credit with ACHE

We are very pleased to announce that The Healthcare Roundtable is authorized to award pre-approved Category II (non-ACHE) continuing education credit for each scheduled Roundtable Meeting, toward advancement, recertification, or reappointment in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Participants in this program wishing to have the continuing education hours applied toward Category II credit should list their attendance when applying for advancement, recertification, or reappointment in the ACHE.

How Do I Become a Member?