Chief Compliance Officers

The Meetings

The Members formally convene two times per year, spring and fall, for a two-day interactive session. Participants identify the issues they want to explore and the experts they want to hear from. A typical two-day Roundtable seminar will feature 3-5 speakers (outside speakers and/or Members themselves) making presentations on recent trends and innovative projects.

Issues may include topics such as:

  • CCO1.jpg

    Implementation of Section 1557 of Affordable Care Act prohibiting discrimination? – Experience ensuring compliance to this non-discrimination provision?
  • EPIC – experiences and things to watch out for?
  • How are other members and their organizations preparing for MACRA and any specific audit and compliance initiatives that are planned?
  • Provider based departments, BBA enactment, and OPPS proposed rules? Grandfathered sites and movement departments?
  • Managed Care Administrative Requirements (first tiered and downstream entity) – management of the process?
  • Experience getting value out of 340b independent audits? What are the deliverables you require? Who are the vendors?
  • New Emergency Preparedness Requirements, especially for outside of the hospital?
  • Does anyone have OIG exclusion check dates built into their physician master file?
  • How does the roundtable group view compliance officer liability under the tone of “new” enforcement?
  • Is organizational ethics a compliance function? – If so, how have organizations transitioned the CCO role? 

The participants also enjoy the cross-pollination of ideas during Open Discussion sessions. Members are encouraged to present the issues/problems they are currently facing so that fellow Members can advise one another as peer consultants. During these interactive discussions, Members share new innovations and projects-in-process using a "grand rounds" format.

All Roundtable Meetings are skillfully facilitated to avoid wandering discussions and to promote productive dialogue and the efficient use of time spent "around the table." The "think tank" approach of the Roundtable provides a very high quality educational experience one cannot easily find elsewhere.

The Roundtable Dues, Attendance and Guest PolicyCCO page small 2 .jpg

Tuitions at these meetings are covered by yearly membership dues. Meeting attendance must be a high priority. A Member is strongly encouraged to send an appropriate substitute in the event he or she is unable to attend a scheduled Roundtable Meeting.

A Member may bring one guest to any Meeting, particularly an individual who is considering membership. Guest registrations are made in advance (at no additional charge)--limited to four total per Roundtable Meeting.

In order to cover the costs of the semi-annual meetings, including speaker fees, appropriate research, and operating expenses, Members pay $3,295 for two consecutive meetings.

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